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YouTuber ‘PewDiePie’ Makes USD 4 Million a Year

Felix Kjellberg, a 24-year-old Swedish YouTube user who had created PewDiePie channel five years ago, now earns USD 4 million in a year. He has more than 27.8 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, more than established gaming channels like Machinima, which has just under 11.5 million.

Last year, this channel became the most watched on YouTube. He posts videos of the games he plays, while commenting on them outrageously as he plays along. Whoever says that playing video games is a waste of time, should seriously reconsider their opinions.

Here is one of his videos for those who are unaware of this YouTube star.

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“It’s cool to have this kind of influence, but at the same time it’s kind of scary,” he said.

The native Swede seems uncomfortable with his fame, and often passes up interviews, preferring to stay in his London flat publishing multiple clips of himself a day.

“I’m so central to YouTube now, and that puts me in the spotlight and raises a lot of questions like ‘Why is he so big?’” he told the Wall Street Journal. “I’d much rather prefer to have something like 5 million subscribers.”

Not only has YouTube made him millions, it also introduced him to his girlfriend.

Forbes says: “Unlike many professionally produced shows, I think I’ve established a much closer contact with my viewers, breaking the wall between the viewer and what’s behind the screen,” Felix Kjellberg told the Wall Street Journal. “What I and other YouTubers do is a very different thing, it’s almost like hanging around and watching your pal play games. My fans care in a different way about what they are watching.”

News of Kjellberg’s success comes on the heels of more bad news in the video game press. A month after news that long-running gaming site CVG would be shuttered by parent company Future, layoffs hit the website GameTrailers, which had just been sold by Viacom VIAB -0.02% to Defy Media, parent company of The Escapist.

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