YouTube to Block Artists Not Signing for Paid Streaming Service; Time for a Newtube?


With YouTube’s clear orientation towards cutting down on open free music and promoting paid subscriptions, it is all set to block artists that do not comply with its enforced offer.

Youtube confirms that Independent artists could disappear from YouTube “in a matter of days” as said by Robert Kyncl, Youtube’s head of content and operations, reported in This probably will affect popular Indie artists like the Arctic Monkeys, Adele, and Jack White.

YouTube is about to begin testing its new service – which will charge people to watch and listen to music without ads, and download songs to their mobile devices. These big changes ahead YouTube has made have made many people unhappy about it.

TechCrunch says-To clarify, music videos from the indie labels and distributed by Vevo on YouTube will not be taken down”

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Originally the changes were planned to be implemented last year, which faced at least two years delays due to design and integration issue. But now that it would roll in just few days, the idea is to provide an ad-free service to its users. Speculations are it would compete against the likes of Spotify, which has also been building up a presence on the web with same strategy.

Considering the free and open stage Internet is, and the easy and ruthless shift of users, does YouTube enforcement gives way for a NewTube which is free for artists like their music? 

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