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Wristband prototype accessory Glance to turn any watch into a Smart Watch

Toronto, Canada based start-up Kiwi Wearables Technologies, has designed a wristband prototype accessory named ‘Glance’ that can turn any wrist gear into a smart device. It is a smart accessory that can alert the wearer to track movement, incoming calls and text messages, enables motion control and used as a remote control for a smart TV.

The device is water proof and uses 3D motion detector for activity tracking. 

Kiwi Wearable Technology was established in 2013 by Founders Ashley Beattie, Zaki Hasnain Patel, Ali Nawab, John David Chibuk, Mike Holmes and Olivier Mayrand. The company is known for building wearable technology products enabling peoples to enjoy a screen-free interaction with technology. Also, it had launched its consumer pre-order campaign in January 2014.

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Kickstarter says: Glance is the first smart accessory to turn your existing watch into a smart watch. 

Glance is designed to let you focus on the conversations that matter most, and live in the moment. Glance is precision crafted into a remarkably thin, light design with machined aluminium, fits on the wristband on your watch,  and works well with your personal style.

More from MashableUnlike many smartphones, which can only survive a few hours of optimum use before needing juice, Glance’s designers created it to last for a week without charging. When its power is low, the Glance’s battery can easily be recharged via its USB port, just like any other mobile device.

For example, it can tell how many steps you’ve taken or how many miles you’ve biked. The team behind Glance is looking to raise $150,000 by July 3 to fund the project. So far, they have nearly 500 contributors who have collectively put up just over $41,000.

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