What Can Drone Technology Do to Tourism in India

Recently the whole world seems to be ‘droning’ with great and exciting use cases of drone technology coming up almost everyday. 

 A simple square, 4 fan drone, easy to build and operate can create an amazing experience for people by just putting a camera on top of it. The experience can reach next level with a 360 rotating remote controlled camera mounted on drone. 

Drone Technology in Tourism

Drone tourism is a great use case making people in the world crazy at the moment. And this triggers the thought on many ways drone technology can transform tourism in India. 

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Tourism in India is broadly led by nature, history, spiritual and medicine. Across all these genres we have not more than some images to demonstrate what India is to tourists. Drone technology can make them experience same remotely and excite them more to really feel it. 

Official drone videos of all major natural, historical, spiritual and medical establishments can provide a lot of information to tourists related to environment, surroundings, nearby city, towns, food joints, etc. 

#Dronifying India 

 Historical places, aerial and inside view

Aerial views of festivals like Kumbh, Holi, Eid and Diwali

Nearby locality for medical establishments

Journey from one place to another by road, train

Crowd Sourced and Curated #dronie

India has always been loved by backpackers. As drones can be made and operated easily, a self operated drone, for their journey and places could create a massive and interesting #dronie collection, that India can start talking about. For instance, the startup TravelByDrone is crowdsourcing drones videos from people around the world.


Education is always a big focus in India. Past few years have seen an increase in students from India and outside going to different places away from home, to colleges in India. 

#CampusDronies can be a good addition to expose the campus views to students, making them choose a great campus for themselves. 




Shopping can not be left out when talk about Indian Tourism, with India being a country of specialties, there is a unique, remotely located market for each unique thing.

#ShoppingDronies, is a great way to surface colors, collection, and experience of shopping in those markets. It would certainly serve as a great teaser for shopping lovers and create an added pull. 

Interestingly with evolving eCommerce a #dronieshopping is not a bad startup idea, where drones are used to excite people about products, collections and lead the remotely located tourist to buy online, even before they land in India. 

@iamWire we are passionate about explore how in many ways, this simple drone can change our lives. 

On a winky note, we might take service of our dear Aamir Khan, who made many Indians see a flying drone for the first time in movie 3 Idiots. 

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