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Volkswagen shocks the audience to inspire road safety

How many times have we heard – not to use cell phones while driving as it can be dangerously fatal. And how many times it has made a mark on our mind? Automotive company Volkswagen has come up with an interesting ad which delivers a strong social message to the audience. The ad was shown as a trailer to a feature film at the MCL Cinema in Hong Kong, as reported by

The ad starts in as a normal video of a man driving a car and by the end leaves the audience in shock. Movie-goers totally un-suspected to what is going to happen, are left speechless.

But the message is passed crystal clear, and hammered the brains of the audience rightly. Strategy behind Volkswagen ad – words rightly said sometimes are less effective than something rightly shown.

iamWire take: As driving/texting and driving/receiving calls, is considered to be crime in many countries but negligible constructive laws are complimenting it. Yet uncountable number of road accidents take place with the same cause across the world. This ad has sent us all a strong message to take care of it ourselves.

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