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Twitter launches a new mobile ad feature with Visa, Adidas

Twitter has added a new video-sharing feature on mobile with two of the World Cup advertisers, Visa and Adidas, as reported by Mashable. Last month, the feature had already been tested with the film A Million Ways to Die in the West, allowing the user to simply share a video when you use a hashtag. It also offers a new way to further spread the message with promotional videos.

Earlier, the company had launched ‘Pay By Tweet’ service with American Express and ‘Keyword-Targeting ad feature’. Last year, it had partnered with WPP to increase its advertising revenues and offers text based password recovery service.

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Biz Geekly says: As an example, if you happen to sort “#visa” after which an area, you will have to see a paper clip suggested on your Twitter iOS app. Click on on the icon and which you can connect a video, which is an advert for Visa.

Picture: Mashable composite, Twitter

Adidas is checking out a equivalent application with the hashtag #allin, which seems to result in this video.

More from MashableA Twitter rep declined comment on the feature. Reps from Visa and Adidas could not be reached for immediate comment.

It’s unclear however if the videos associated with the feature are one-click play. Twitter expanded one-click capabilitybeyond its Amplify program last month.

For Visa, the feature underscores the brand’s use of mobile video in its World Cup campaign. Visa has another program called Teletransporter that superimposes your video image over a soccer-related backdrop. In one you can play against Zinedine Zidane. “We’re very much reinforcing the fact that people around the world are united in the passion for football,” says Kevin Burke, Visa’s CMO. “We know video is incredibly compelling and has high engagement rates from fans.”

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