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Twitter acquires tech startup Namo Media

In order to improve its ability to provide native ads, Twitter has acquired native mobile advertisement startup Namo Media as announced on its blog. The deal amount is expected to be around USD 50 million. Post acquisition, the company will work together with the ad serving platform, MoPub, acquired last year by Twitter for USD 300 million.

iamWire Take:  For 1Q14, it reported a total advertising revenue of USD 226 million, wherein 80% is from the mobile advertising. Also, by 2017, it is expected that spending on native advertising will increase to USD 4.57 billion in comparison to USD 1.63 billion in 2012. Certainly, a push in the native mobile ad space, will strengthen company’s position in the coming years. 

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The combined platform would improve the social media power’s ability to deliver “native ads” – promotional material that blends into mobile apps and mobile websites. (As covered by

Twitter plans to keep Namo Media as an independent entity that will keep building on their native ad platform for app developers globally. Combining ad native technologies of MoPub and Namo Media will offer the current and future customers a more powerful platform to generate revenue, all the while preserving an amazing user experience. (As reported by YourStory)

“In our conversations with the Namo Media team, it became clear we share a vision for how native advertising can improve the state of mobile app monetization for marketers, app publishers, and users,” the company said. (As mentioned in

More from the Blog: We’re excited to let you know we’ve agreed to acquire Namo Media! Since we acquired MoPub last October, we have been working to bring native ads to mobile app publishers in order to create a more seamless and less intrusive ad experience for users. We believe strongly that all app developers large and small should be able to monetize their applications without sacrificing the user experience.


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