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This Google App can Give a Voice to your Gestures

Google is working with a bunch of students from Berghs School of Communication in Sweden to bringing something for people with hearing and speech impairment. An app that can translate sign language to speech is being developed to bridge the communication gap between people around the world.

This movement was first brought into notice by Mashable. And the app is being called Google Gesture.

It’s a service that analyses the muscle activity and position of the hand and forearm using electromyography and translates it in a smartphone application into speech – real time. 

The video on the top explains the necessity and importance of gestures. And how the process works. The app will come as a great tool to connect people by removing the barrier of language. Hence it will not help the differently-abled communicate better, but everyone else too.

The video says “Google’s philosophy is that information needs to cross all boundaries, regardless of language, already providing services like Google Translate” The aim is to use technologies to bridge the gap between those who use sign language and those who don’t.

Hand gesture recognition programs are seen globally already, in Xbox Kinect, Smart Television etc. Text to speech is a common thing too. However in this case, electromyography is being used. Wiki says – Electromyography is a technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. Hence using wearable arm bands it can exactly identify which gestures one is making.

If implemented properly, the product would be revolutionary, and we look forward to it.

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