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Taobao Recorded Twice the Revenue of Amazon in 2013; Parent Alibaba Gears for a Milestone IPO

Alibaba was pushed to share more information for its IPO Filling as investors were concerned over brief details provided earlier. And for the first time, Alibaba shared sales figures of its two main companies Taobao and Tmall (which was earlier a part of Taobao)

The numbers revealed a total of over USD 250 Billion in revenue last year which is more than 2.5 times higher than Amazon at USD 100 Billion.

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Alibaba also shared its list of 27 board members who hold majority position on companies board nominations. Which include Jerry Yang, co-founder Yahoo, and Jacqueline Reses, Chief Development Officer, Yahoo.

Alibaba is all geared for a milestone IPO in few months, which could turn to be biggest IPO in US history, raising over 20 Billion USD to Alibaba.

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