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Smartphone battery that can charge in 30 seconds

Tel Aviv based startup, Store Dot is planning to develop a smartphone battery that can fully charge in 30 seconds, as per Times of India. According to a report by “Think Next” symposium in Tel Aviv, the battery charged a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone in 26 seconds.

The battery is based on nanodots, designed by using organic crystals of having length 2 nanometers through an self-assembly process. It has the capability of moving electric current at the speed of light.

“At the moment, the battery design is only in the prototype stage. In about two years, these magic batteries will be hitting the stores,” said Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot.

Store Dot was launched in 2012 by Co-Founder Gil Rosenman, CTO Simon Litsyn and CEO Doron Myersdorf. It is a nanotechnology company based on discovery of new generation and self-assembled Nanodots of biological origin. The company using current technologies of smartphone and TV displays, batteries, bio-LEDs and bio-lasers.

The company provides many products like displays, next generation batteries, Biomedicine, data storage and image-sensors. It also supports multiple industries such as energy and memory storage, semiconductors, computer monitors, imaging and biomedical sensors,  bio- labeling for the food industry and more.

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