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Police shakes hands with Social Media to solve cases

The crime rate has increased drastically over a period of time when it comes to social media and digital world’s involvement. However the coin has two sides and the brighter side of it is overshadowing the blot on Social Media, these days.

Tech experts now take minutes to crack the details of the crime, and solving it thereafter. This has not only given a new angle to solve crimes but has also strengthened the relationship of crime departments with the general public.

On one hand where the investigative departments are tranceptualising the traditional methods, open hand help in sharing the information at an individual level, is the need of hour.

In this respect Australian police was an early adopter of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.  to use them as a Crime Fighting Tool.

Many countries like USA, Midland, Australia, Brazil etc. have taken it seriously. It has indeed served an additional help in solving the issues which otherwise would have been time consuming and would still fall in the category of “Suspections”.

Few quotes of the police from different countries –

Sgt. Hauck, manages Social Media for Utica Police Department since 1995 says- “Since 2010 we’ve done over 50 arrests directly related to using Facebook and social media to identify people that we had no information on”, reported in

He also adds- “Low and behold a video pops up on YouTube of the entire assault. We were able to identify and make arrests based on that information being out there, reported in

Considering the way society is now, it’s better than going door to door. It’s faster” , said by detective Sgt. Reggie Williams of the Saginaw Police Department, reported in

He later adds- “It has boosted the trust I think a little between police and the community, at least in Saginaw. It has opened the doors of the community, reported in

Social media has become a platform not just to socialize but also to report crime. Even India is nowhere left behind with this innovative use of digital medium to enhance its expertise. where active participation can be seen from the young generation.

For example :



digi crime3.PNG

digi crime4.PNG

According to Dr Aravind Chaturvedi, Additional Superintendent of Police, Special Task Force, UP Police at Lucknow- Person’s Identity, Relatives, Workplace, Locations, Immediate updates can be the crucial clues to jaw the suspects. He also Quoted- “In the preparation of the Digital Profile of the suspects, the Social Networking Sites may play a major role”.

iamWire take : Well, it is a fast moving era and one has to pace up with the momentum. Digital world has given a Digitized angle to see and solve the crime. Time has gone when there were personalised investigations. However India still need to work on its investigation strategies, as there is a turmoil faced between the crime and crime solving frequency. If this really helps in reducing the crime rate, then who will be more happy than the common people.


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