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Online PC hardware retailer Newegg to enter India

On Thursday, online electronics seller Newegg announced its plans to expand to India, at Computex 2014 in Taiwan. As reported by CNET, the international retailer is going to grow its global presence with 6 more countries in the list, namely Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and Singapore.

The company (currently operative in US, UK, Canada and Australia) deals in several categories such as Computer Hardware, Electronics, Apparel, Home & Outdoors etc. but is mainly known for selling hardware components such as microprocessors, RAMs, graphics cards, cooling units etc. Thereby, this should come as a good news to the gaming enthusiasts across country.

iamWire Take: This news come in time of FDI in Indian eCommerce speculated launch next month. Looking at the space the company is dealing in, it is going to give competition to Flipkart. And after FDI is allowed, a little could be said about the roadblocks it will face in its growth at the moment.

Also Read: NaMo might now open doors to FDI in eCommerce reports: At present, the gaming industry in India is booming. As more and more people get into game development, or even designing and model development for that matter, the demand for top-notch components from select OEMs becomes a necessity. Newegg’s entry to India might be that spell of rainfall that such people in this country have been waiting for since long. 

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