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Now Smartphone Cameras will have Smart glass

The researchers in Germany have created a small, low-powered camera component named micro-iris made from “smart glass” material that will take the smartphone camera to the next level.

Micro-iris is an electro-chemical analog of mechanical blades usually found in the cameras, which has very low power consumption that controls the amount of light reaches in a camera’s sensors, which affects the overall focus of the image.

Read below for Economic Times coverage to know more about this technology.

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Economic Times says: In their study, the researchers fabricated a micro-iris using two glass substrates sandwiched together, and with each one carrying a thin film of electrochromic material, called PEDOT, on an underlying transparent electrode. 

In addition to testing the intensity of light that passed through the micro-iris, as well as the amount of time it took to switch between different states, the researchers also examined the depth of focus that the micro-iris was able to impart in comparison to a traditional blade-based iris.

“There is currently no technological solution available that meets all the demands of integrated iris apertures in smartphones,” lead author of the research Tobias Deutschmann said.

“Many of the proposed devices require the motion of a strong absorbing material to block the path of light. Electrochromic materials, as used in this study, remain stationary whilst they change their absorption, so there is no need for any actuation.

“This allows for much smaller casings to fit around the devices and thus enables the integration into tiny camera systems,” said Deutschmann.

The research was published in the Journal of Optics. 

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