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Miss Universe Thailand, gives up her title, due to Social Media fire

Weluree ‘Fai’ Ditsayabu, Miss Universe Thailand 2014, renounced her title on Monday. Due to the remarks she made on pro-government supporters viz. supporters of ousted Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, termed as “red shirt activists” as “dirty” “evil” and that “they all should be executed”, ceased fire her with comments on social media questioning her looks and whether she deserved the title of Miss Universe, as reported by

When things went beyond control, she apologized for her “inappropriate behavior” on Thai TV, as reported by Ms. Weluree also told reporters. – “The pressure was great. My family and my parents were troubled. My mother could not sleep because she was stressed, so I chose to make my family happy and voluntarily concede the pageant crown,” as reported in

Although the comments she made (in November last year), was before she backed the crown, she got the response a couple of days later. These comments were highly defamatory and absolutely unacceptable on both the ends. Which made her relinquish her crown on 9th June as reported by

iamWire take
: Though there is a lot happening in the Thailand politics, but the turmoil took the title of Miss Universe, Weluree ‘Fai’ Ditsayabu. Social media is a broad platform to socialise and share personal views, but it can turn out to be dangerous if one is reckless.  

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Some comments made by her on Social Media (from various sources)-

  • “the execution” of the “damn Reds”

  • “The land of Thailand is dirty because of people who want to get rid of the monarchy,”

  • “Hmmm, monitor lizard, ha ha ha.”

        “Actually I’m fat, you animal!”

        “Animal! Women with big breasts are f*#%ing halfway to victory

  • “I was careless. I was young. I did it recklessly”

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