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IRCTC’s 100 Cr Technology Revamp Delayed; Target Launch in 2 Months

Considering its high traffic, transaction and user base of over 20 million, IRCTC initiated a 100 Cr revamp of website, which was supposed to be launched in April this year, however the revamp has been delayed for 2 more months. As reported by Navbharat Times

This revamp shall target a 3X transaction capabilities from 2000 transactions/min to 7000 transaction/min. IRCTC does about 400000 bookings in a month right now.

A lighter ad free version for morning emergency bookings in morning 2 hours, where present rate of booking is about 60000 tickets in one hour.

Information draft and caching facility to ensure data is saved even if network connectivity goes off. This shall ensure better usability and less load on server.

This revamp shall also change the look and feel of website.

Presently the site is undergoing testing and last leg of development work is being completed.

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