HTTP Gets a New Kin; A Protector of Our Private Data

HTTPA, incubated for a few years now, by researchers at decentralized information group (DIG) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology CSAI laboratory, HTTP with Accountability provides a base to DIG’s research and products on recently announced Privacy Enabled Transplant System PETS. 
HTTPA makes your private information a uniquely identified object on web and provides it with a unique identification URI, which shall be accountable to record transmission and usage of this information, and hence providing monitoring and control to the owner of information.
When someone needs your information, or accesses it, the request shall travel via a grid of Provenance Tracking Network PTN servers that shall log all transactions and enable monitoring of data usage to owners of data.
DIG has also released a paper on privacy protected location meetup app, that helps two users coordinate and meetup at a common place without sharing their location information.
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