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GSF Global Accelerator Program Begins With 11 Startups

GSF India’s Global Accelerator Program began on the 2nd of June 2014 with 11 startups that were selected from a pool of more than 500 applications from across the world. GSF Global aims to provide a world-class platform for Indian and the emerging world tech startups to develop key relationships and rapid growth in global markets.

The global accelerator program will connect entrepreneurs to peers, mentors, advisors and investors in India, Singapore, San Francisco, New York, Boston and Toronto. Startups will go through an intense mentoring and coaching program starting with 5 weeks in India, followed by 4 weeks in San Francisco, 2 weeks in New York, 1 week in Toronto and finally a week in Singapore.

GSF Founder, Rajesh Sawhney explains, “The selected startups have diverse business models and target markets. However, the common factor between all the startups selected for GSF Global Program is their vision to go global. Ranging from a startup facilitating high quality medical tourism, to a startup providing innovation platform for crowdsourcing business solutions, to another one developing a graphic design app with vector editors and collaborative capabilities, this cohort is set to establish new benchmarks in the tech world.

Global Accelerator Startup Profiles






TripMD connects patients to trusted healthcare worldwide.

Greymeter is an interactive talent community where organizations  crowd-source real world challenges to get innovative solutions while students earn exciting rewards

GuideTrip is a global content driven online platform which helps in connecting travelers with guides; to search for, interact with and book travel experiences with directly

GigStart is a marketplace that provides quick and transparent connect between entertainers and party planners


pxifyis building a free graphic design program that’s focused on being as easy-to-use as possible, which integrates collaboration features so that design teams and clients can work alongside one another.


WhatFix is a SaaS customer engagement startup that helps business on board their customers seamlessly and provide interactive knowledge flows to enhance product adoption.  


WizenWorld is a gaming startup that teaches math & science concepts to middle school students through engaging multi-player games.  


Daily Rounds is a mobile app learning platform for doctors to review clinical patient case studies


Cuztomise helps field service businesses to reduce their operational costs by its workforce scheduling and optimization, through our App and Platform as a Service offering.


AirStream enables accessing files & streaming media from multiple computers and multiple cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive through a single app on any Mobile device.


Hashtago we are developing core technology for hashtags mining, tracking, targeting and analytics for B2B solutions and customer-oriented services.

GSF platform comprises:

  • GSF Accelerator: Indian Startup Accelerator
  • GSF Superangels: A seed-funding platform backed by 25 superangels
  • GSF Conferences: Two conferences: Global Superangels Forum in New Delhi and #WhereDoWeGoNow in Bangalore.

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