Google Wished Me a Happy Birthday!

So like any other day,  I was casually browsing the Internet without paying much attention to the ‘Doodle of the Day’ on my Chrome Browser Home Screen. After a couple of hours past midnight, it hit me that the Doodle was not that of the ongoing Fifa Worldcup, but of cakes and candles. I moused over it and voila! it was a birthday greeting for me from Google itself.

It came as a pleasant surprise as I wasn’t expecting it, but I am not the only one for sure. Google plus gives an option to its users to get a personalized Doodle on their birthday.

This is surely a good treat for Doodle lovers, and Google fans. Can Facebook’s Anniversary Story match up to this?

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  • Kunal

    I have also got this pleasant surprise on 23rd June….