GoogleWire: Google+ Updates Photo Editing with Auto-Awesome Effects

After rolling out Google+ Premium features for its Apps customers, Google is introducing Google+ with new manual and automatic photo editing tools. Google has added an #AutoAwesomeEffects into the Photos section of Google+ for cityscape shots, having an option to adjust previous photo edits. Auto-Awesome collects similar photos and create a new image all together, including gifs.

Google’s John Nack gives a brief description over on Google+: “Now when you upload a land or cityscape photo, Effects can stylize your image to make the subject really pop. You can enjoy the new photo as is, or open the editor to make further adjustments. Either way it’s easy (and fun!).

 Here is a Google demo video for photo editing:

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The Next Web says: When you open a photo in the lightbox viewer and hit the ‘Edit’ button at the top of the page, you’ll see a new ‘Edits’ button at the bottom of the right-hand toolbar. As you continue to make adjustments, you’ll see that Google now separates and stacks them in sequential order, rather like different layers in Adobe Photoshop. This makes it easier to adjust individual effects, remove them completely, or apply them to other photos stored in your account.

Typing #AutoAwesomeEffects into the Photos section of Google+ does, however, return some interesting results. Of the users I’ve circled, a few photos by former Google+ lead Vic Gundotra appear to fit the description with a rather striking tilt shift, brighter colors and a thick black frame.

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