Google+ Premium Features Roll Out to Google Apps Customers

Google on Monday, introduced Google+ Premium features including HD-quality hangouts for its Apps customers. The new features are available for new Google customers as they register, while existing customers will see the updates from next month.

It will save time and money, enable privacy control and Google+ users set their posts as visible to colleagues and employers only or hide their profiles from public searches.

Also, the new features will provide more tailored Google+ experience with enhanced control options and the restricted post can not be further shared to anyone outside. With premium features, the Google Hangout users can now initiate video chats with up to 15 persons at the same time in HD video quality.

Earlier, Google bought device management app Divide and had acquired Android optimization platform FlexoCore as well as Swiss start-up Bitspin. It had also introduced barter system on Google+.

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NDTV Gadgets says: “Today we’re rolling out these premium features to everybody. It won’t change the way you’ve previously interacted with Google+ or Hangouts, but it will let you access several great business-specific features you may have missed out on before now,” wrote Michael Cai, Product Manager, on Google’s Official Enterprise Blog.

Earlier the Google+ premium features were available as a preview that could be enabled by IT administrators. 

On Monday, the search giant has also announced its first round of Glass at Work Certified Partnerswho would deliver enterprise solutions for Glass. The firm continues to look out for more developers and enterprises for its eyewear.

Some of the Glass at Work Certified Partners announced by Google are APX, Augmedix, Crowdoptic, GuidiGO and Wearable Intelligence.

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