Goa may soon to have a 3D digitized map

In a report by Time of India, Google Inc. is planning to put Goa on its 3D map which will provide 3D look of every nook and corner of the state. If the government accept this proposal then Goa will be the first state in India to have a 3D digitized map.

Google  has also offered around 1000 information technology startups in Goa via its funded programs. The company is also planning to allocate ‘mentors’ from top IT industries to guide the startup.

According to the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar “We are interested in the ideas. We have asked them to submit concrete proposals. We are likely to meet at the end of July,” after discussions with Rajan Anandan, managing director at Google India.

Google is expected to undertake the complete digitization of the state to make the map tourist friendly. Viewers can check all the physical locations including small shops and businesses on 3D map.

“Every business and shop can get connected to the globe. Google will create everything. The government only has to facilitate this,” said Nitin Kunkolienkar, vice-president of Manufacturers’ Association of Information Technology (MAIT).

After 3D map, peoples can easily get the live view of the place and find roads and directions in a better way. Google India is impressed with several initiatives of the Goa government in information technology, including the state’s cyberage scheme under which the government has provided computers to school and college students. Goa has vast potential and a figure of 1,000 startups is easily achievable considering that Google is aiming at supporting 10,000 startups in Bangalore, said by former president of GCCI.

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