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Fold It and Go: Folding Gadgets to Make Technology Fun

If there is one thing that people want from their gadgets these days, it’s that they are more portable. This is especially true of smartphones, which seem to be getting bigger all the time. One potential solution is provided through the idea of foldable gadgets, and as technology improves, these could be able to go mainstream.

Is the Flexible Revolution Arriving? 

There is now greater emphasis than ever before on wearable tech, with devices such as Google Glass and various smartwatches appearing in recent months. However, many believe that flexibility will be key for wearable tech to truly take off.

Flexible phones have started to appear on the market in recent months. LG recently released its G Flex smartphone, and Samsung revealed its own flexible display with its Galaxy Round handset. These devices feature curved displays, which apparently make them more comfortable to use. However, they are not exactly the folding phones we’ve all been waiting for.

But although foldable tech still has a way to go before it becomes mainstream, this has not stopped a number of designers from coming up with their own interesting concepts of what flexible technology could lead to. Here are a few ideas about what the future of foldable gadgets could look like.

 Folding Laptops

 Foldable laptops could open up a whole new world of flexibility for anyone who wants to work or play on the go. Having a truly portable laptop that bends into a small space will allow you to take your work with you and continue to use all the software that you depend on wherever you are, such as your office suite, email client and torrent software like

The Feno folding laptop is one such concept. This is a laptop with a full-size screen, but which folds down into the size of a very slim keyboard. Designer Niels van Hoof has created a slightly awkward-looking device, but if it comes to fruition it will certainly be ultra portable.

The Flexbook is a concept from designer Hao-Chun Huang, and it is a laptop that folds up into a tablet-sized device but then opens up to be used like laptop. Again, it’s very compact, and the foldable screen would provide good protection while on the go.

Folding Phones

Out of all the gadgets, it will probably be foldable smartphones that come to market first. The EOS Phone by Kyocera is one such concept. This is a flexible device that folds up into the size of a wallet and goes even further by using kinetic energy to charge it.

Then there is the Triple Flip from SchultzeWORKS designstudio, a solar-powered device that, rather than being bendy, uses three folding pieces to improve functionality while saving space. However, this concept came out in 2011 and nothing more has been heard to it, suggesting only true bendiness is going to win the day when it comes to flexible devices.

Folding Accessories

Bendy tech could see a whole range of accessories take advantage of increased flexibility. Take the Folding Pen Mouse by Yoon Son. This works both as a standard mouse and a stylus, using folding technology to improve convenience.

The Viva Speakers by Jang Se-Chan could be ideal for people who like to listen to music on the go. Many smartphones don’t have great speakers, but these speakers can be folded up flat and then connected to your phone via Bluetooth to play all your music wherever you are.

Increased Flexibility Is on its Way

The future is certain to be a more flexible place when it comes to technology. The gadgets above are just a few concepts of what we could be seeing in the years ahead. Whether they become reality or not, it’s fair to say that the foldable revolution is not far off, so keep a look out for foldable gadgets coming your way soon.

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John Kyser is a gadget enthusiast. If it simplifies a task, speeds it up, or makes it more enjoyable, he’ll know about it and will often write about it on a variety of tech blogs.

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