Facebook’s New Avatar-All set to roll out worldwide

With its constant focus on making Facebook better and relevant to its users, the company has rolled out its new AVATAR for worldwide audience, as announced in its blogpost on Wednesday. With its new look being more organised and friendly, it makes easy to manage streams of feed coming in users activity timeline.

This one column outlook is termed to be having all the happenings on the left side panel, more functional posts to hit the top of user’s timeline. And all notifications, comments, likes and page likes on the right hand sidebar. A comparison between the old and new outlook of the Facebook page :

And this is the New Avatar :

We are still awaiting the change to be a reality as currently dilemmas can be seen on individual fronts reason being the book can’t be judges by its cover. Here are a few users comments on this:

As pronounced we can very soon have the access to the new design just by clicking on to “update now” button.


iamWire take: It seems Facebook is somewhat trying to build in the OPTIMIZATION criteria of functioning. This will definitely enable the users to function on Facebook specifically quicker than surfing all through the posts. While comparing the out look, it will be quite different from the previous one, while functioning is still a question.

Let time decide how well the efforts of designers at Facebook, prove a success.

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