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Cue – A Device to Cut Down your Trips to the Doctor


The iPhone has brought in all sorts of crazy interactions to us, but a new device called Cue is an iOS accessory that reduces the dependency of a person on his/ her doctor to a certain extent. The idea behind the invention is to save time, reduce heavy hospital fee, increase regular checkups, which is apt for today’s world.

Tests that were previously possible through a doctor’s office now can be done at home with Cue, a At-Home Device. The device will allow people to test their levels of testosterone, inflammation, vitamin D, and fertility with small amounts of blood, saliva, or nasal swabs

Testing is simple-collect the bodily fluid on pristine white strips which are inserted into disposable, color-coded microfluidic cartridges and the results are shown on an iPhone. This helps the person to monitor and check key drivers of their health.

A video to explain it further

The Cue starter pack costs USD 199, each of the cartridges costs USD 4 with the flu test costing USD 10. This is less compared to the USD 40-400 dollars lab tests.

Explaining to it, Product designer Scot Herbst says, “The most challenging aspect of the product in general is creating a user interface that seems so simple and intuitive from a very complex starting point”, as reported by

Expectations of the people are really high and Cue is expected to enter in the market with its first unit in Spring 2015. And also expecting pre-orders from the aspirants.

Posts of aspirants of Cue

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Well we wish CUE with all the success and also hope, such inventions reach India as soon as possible.

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