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BJP starts online communities on ‘Local Circles’ to address local issues

BJP, has always been active with its involvement on Social Media . And now Bharatiya Janata Party’s communication cell has started online communities on Local Circles, a social networking site with the tag line- ‘Transform India with Narendra Modi’. Mainly to stay in touch with the people, know about  the grievances of citizens with first hand information at constituency level, and then deal with them on priority. The objective behind “Transform India with Narendra Modi” initiative is to make the place more better and liveable. Plan are to get inputs from citizens which will be collated and submitted to the respective MP via BJP communication cell.

A look at the Official page of Local Circles on Social media

Well the initiative is started by Rajendra Pratap Gupta who is coordinating the citizens’ circle initiative. As said by– Rajendra Pratap Gupta said- “The idea is to get firsthand information from citizens and convey it to people who matter. We would initially cover constituencies in Haryana which is going to polls end of this year”

His appeal to invite in applications can clearly be seen on his twitter accounts


Although on comparing the leading party and the previous ruling party Nationalist Congress Party, its seen that BJP has always been active on Social Media to stay connected with it is reciprocated by the people the same.

And so the initiative taken by the party ‘Local Circles on Social Media’ is getting the attention of people.


Party believes that this would be a local platform to citizens to come together, get connected with each other and to their elected representative,  address local issues faced such as safety, water, roads, power and sanitation. Members believe that that community would also help bringing transparency and fixing accountability. It seems people are ready to support their deed as the community has already received more than 35,000 posts and comments from citizens.

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    I am Balasaheb More, I am engineer graduate and working in one of multinational company in Pune, Maharashtra.
    I dont have much information about Gram Panchayat work structure and duties.
    I wish to develop my village with all necessary needs which will be a part of Sir Narendra Modi’s future India.
    From where I can start for development? Please guide.

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