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Bharti Softbank’s ‘Hike’ messenger Crosses 20 Million Users

Bharti Softbank‘s instant messaging app ‘Hike’ yesterday has crossed the 20 million users in 18 months since its launch. The app was launched in December 2012 by Bharti Softbank and is available on the platforms including iOS, Android and Blackberry.

At present, the app is adopted by 90% users in India and 80% users are under the age of 25. The company had also added a new feature to Hike which enables the users to share all file formats, from Docs, PPTs, PDFs to MP3s, of up to a 100 MB each, surpassing the attachment limit of all instant messaging applications.

Till date, Hike has secured two round of investment from Bharti Softbank and raised total capital of USD 21 million. 

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Indian Express says: Kavin Bharti Mittal, Head, Product and Strategy, Hike messenger, said: “The rate at which hike messenger has grown in the last 18 months is phenomenal and is a strong testament of the right direction in which the product is steering. We will continue to focus heavily on introducing new and innovative features to bridge the existing gaps in the IM market in India.”

Tech First Post says: The company also announced the availability of a feature ‘Hidden Mode’ to help users keep their private chats hidden from others.

In a country like India, where teenagers stay with their parents and families, and where their need for privacy is constantly challenged, we believe this feature could be a boon for all our users,” Mittal added.

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