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Apple might launch iWatch in October

Apple is planning to launch a curved organic light-emitting diode (OLED) touch screen iWatch, as per Apple insider reports. The device will go live in October. This watch will include sensors used for collecting health related information like sleep activity, blood glucose, blood oxygen levels and calorie consumption. The company is expected to produce up to 5 million iWatches per month.

Apple is also thinking to reveal a smarthome device controller as well as its iTunes services for Android. Also, recently Samsung too has revealed a new smart wristband and Microsoft is planning to launch a smart watch this summer, while Moto360 and G watch are expected to launch later this year.

iamWire Take: LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round did not get as much consumer popularity as they intended. However, curved displays have higher utility in wearables rather than smartphones, as they’ll add an aesthetic sense to the design. Health tracking IoT devices market seems to be getting hot, with leading players investing and entering into this space.

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The iWatch is expected to run iOS 8 and have a heavy focus on health tracking. Users will be able to track blood sugar, sleep data and blood oxygen data from within Apple’s newly-announced Health app. iWatch owners will also be able to read “messages sent by smartphones.”

The iWatch will include partnerships with companies such as Nike, which is already working with Apple’s Health app platform. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company was working on “new categories” of products earlier this year. (As covered by Mashable)

The watch, which is expected to be round and come in both mens and womens sizes, will help track user’s health. ‘People familiar with Apple’s plans tell Code/red the company hopes to schedule a special event that month to show off the device, which is designed to make good use of the HealthKit health and fitness information-gathering app it recently showed off at WWDC.’ (As reported by MailOnline)

More from appleinsider: Apple has been rumored to be interested in OLED displays for years, but as of yet the company has stuck with LCD panels with in-plane switching. Still, the company has a number of OLED-related patents to its name, including dynamic brightness adjustment and improved power efficiency. The company also hired away a senior OLED researcher from LG Display.

In an OLED screen, each pixel is made of an organic compound that emits light when electrical current is passed through it. Because of this design, OLED panels don’t require a backlight, making them thinner and lighter than traditional LCD-based panels and adding the potential to be folded or curved.

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