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App Development Platform 5app Raises USD 5.1 Million

London-based, mobile app development platform, 5app has raised USD 5.1 million in Seed round of funding led by Beckman group, as per Tech Crunch reports. It aims to utilize the raised funds to offer a curated app store to their employees without taking full control over their devices. 

The company is expected to launch an Apache Cordova-based app for enterprises. This app will use 5app store as its main distribution channel. 5app enables businesses to develop applications for all types of smartphones and tablets with the help of HTML5, CSS and Javascript web-programming tools.

The company was launched in 2011, as a venture of CTO Tim King and COO David sykes. The firm is known for providing application development with the help of mobile application software toolkit. 

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Company’s Blog says: Here at 5app we have been conducting some tests to determine the real-life data connectivity that the public can expect from mobile data networks. The results surprised us:

  • Even on major motorways there are sections with no data connection;
  • You can still fail to make a connection even in central London due to congestion;
  • You may get several different IP addresses over a period of time;
  • Requests that do work can take over a minute to respond;
  • Data doesn’t always get through.

5app’s unique ‘engine’ runs on any type of remote handset and removes the need for app store-style downloads of new or updated software, whilst ensuring that all users always have the latest version of software. The 5app system manages the deployment of apps, ensuring that each end user only has the appropriate apps; additional security is provided through user authentication and optional encryption of communications. (As mentioned in crunch base)

More from Tech Crunch: The idea behind the store is to simply make it easier for employees to find the right apps. “We don’t believe you should force employees to do anything on their own devices,” said by 5app’s CEO Stuart Mason. “What we do believe is you can make it easy for them to do the right thing.”

The service comes in free and premium versions. With the free versions, enterprises can curate apps from iTunes and Google Play into their own store, which should just take a few minutes to set up. With the paid plan ($4 per month and user), enterprises can then also publish their own custom apps, as well as apps from other distribution points, to the store. Access to them is managed via Active Directory groups, and the company is mostly targeting mid-size enterprises right now.

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