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Aam Aadmi in Trouble for Talking Anti-Mr. PM on Social Media

NaMocoverSoon after in power, Mr.PM reinstated 10000 Twitter account that talked bad about Mr. Ex PM. But how shall he fight back with his ‘offline fans’ trying to battle online ‘non fans’. A series of incidents have been reported by ToI, where common people were questioned, arrested or threatened for writing anti Mr. PM on Social Media. ‘Offline fans’ of Mr.PM claim this to be an attempt of uncovering a deeper plot against the big man.

Point taken, however there must be well stated policy framework and procedural approach in handling such situation. Leaving the reactive response at discretion or rather mercy of local police or authority is seemingly against how the big man would react on such things himself.

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The contribution of social media in the great victory of ruling party is clear visible. When on other side of the table the same party treated social media to be an open voice platform for anyone and everyone to speak up. What went wrong now when the tables have turned?

Our take on this is, until our Mr.PM finds a ‘his kind of solution’ for this issue, the ‘offline fans’ must try to contain their emotions and handle the free open voice of Aam Aadmi with a bit sensitivity.

Because today this statement is very true, ” If social media can make something, it can break it faster, as bad deeds, travel faster on social media than good.”

With Mr. PM being the 2nd most popular head of state on Facebook after Obama, he clearly saw the effective use of social by Obama right from when he signed his candidature for being the President of the United States.

With all our hope of “Accha Samay aa Gaya” we shall look forward for elaborate policy framework of balancing act between seeing social as public voice or a public media.

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