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YouTube to buy Twitch for USD 1 billion

Google owned YouTube  is reportedly in talks to acquire video game-streaming site, Twitch for more than USD 1 billion, per Verge’s Kwame Opam. With this move, Google aims at boosting the services of its live streaming service.

However, as  said in a Wall Street Journal’s report, the deal is still in early stage and the closure might take time.

San Francisco based, Twitch was launched in 2011 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear. Earlier it has raised two round of investments in Series C (USD 20 million, Sep. 2013) and Series B (USD 15 million, Sep. 2012). It is known as a social video platform and a community for gamers. This includes developers, industry conventions, publishers, media outlets and casual games for charity events.

At present, the company is adopted by 45 million monthly users. Out of these, more than 1 million members uploaded videos each month. It has launched mobile apps for iOS and Android. The company supports live game play videos that can be streamed from playstation 4 consoles and microsoft Xbox.

In 2006, Youtube has been acquired by Google. It allows users to share, view and upload videos. the company uses technologies such as HTML5 and Adobe Flash to display video content. It offers a range of services like uploading, playback and 3D video viewing. The videos are playable on both Android and iOS platform.

Youtube is currently located in San Bruno, and is available in 61 languages.

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