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Urban Armor launches dress which protects woman’s personal space

Aaron Souppouris of The Verge reported the launch of the Personal Space Dress, by designer Kathleen McDermott. This is a part of her collection of wearable- tech themed dresses named Urban Armor.

The mechanised electronic dress was designed keeping in mind the harrowing experiences of women while  travelling in a subway during rush hour, and having fun doing just that.

According to the young graduate, still doing her MFA in Hong Kong, the idea behind this series is to  challenge “the persistence of ideologies asserted at women in public space through advertising, architecture and socially normative behavior.”

While travelling, if a fellow traveller comes too close, the proximity sensors in this unique dress automatically make the dress grow bigger in size around the hem area, thereby increasing the space between the co-traveller and the wearer. The mechanism used here is that of a repurposed umbrella.

Source: Daily Mail

A scarf that automatically covers the face of the wearer in response to heavy pollution in the environment; a hat that can save her face from being recognised by strategically placed cctv camera’s – are some more interesting inventions by McDermott. Very soon, the website shall have instructions and codes, and every girl can make her own wardrobe of these personal safety dresses.

Source: Urban Armor

The dress has more statement value than utility. It may not be practical , but does send a strong message to all the men out there to think twice about touching/groping a woman by taking advantage of rush hour madness.

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