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Amazon EasyShip is making sellers unhappy; Order return frequency increases on Amazon

Within a month of launch, Amazon Easy Ship is seeing a backlash from the sellers. Where some are filing complaints, others have started opting out of the service.

Amazon brings in this service to make sellers benefit from the automated system of choosing the required time slabs for picking up the orders. Also, it claimed to offer low shipping rates and faster delivery to ease out logistics for them.

However, as mentioned by our sources, retailers are currently facing problems mainly due to the slow pick up and delivery as well as because of the requirement of  frequent follow ups.

“Amazon Easy Ship is a 3rd rated service as of now. They just don’t come for pick up for 2 days and have to call them up repeatedly.”

The order pick up is usually 3-4 hours late while it takes around 4 days to deliver in Metros and 2 days for local. Also, since placing an option for COD is compulsory to avail this service, sellers are facing many returns.

Sellers face high order returns on Amazon India

The online book retailers are struggling more with the returns, despite of clear guidelines mentioned by Amazon.

“I tried to use platform for books selling for the last 4 months. The sale was huge but I was also amazed to see the large number of returns of items (even after 4-5 weeks) stating most of the following trivial reasons – 

(i) Reason 1: placed order accidentally, (would like to return after 30 days even.)
(ii) Reason 2: poor packaging – damaged item (the buyers returns after accepting COD orders, seems to be impractical, how the buyer accepts the order and makes payment, if its packaging is found damaged from outside – I have received such requests after 15 days of delivery of COD items).

The books are of very high prices – beyond Rs.1000/- being of GMAT, GRE, SAT which are involved in the picture of return and I see that they like to return after the exams.

When the seller mentioned this problem to Amazon customer care, he is being told to take a call on his own, whether to accept or reject the returns. Also, Amazon takes no responsibility for when the consumer files claim for the return from the seller.

Well, it seems that Amazon has launched this service in a bit hurry. However, considering the potential it has, many are of the view that it will recover these obstacles in long run. But still there are few questions left. Is amazon finding Indian Market a difficult pitch to play its over? How will it be able to fight back with the Indian problems? Can we assume that Flipkart has the first mover advantage?




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