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Twitter users to grow by 60 percent in India this year: eMarketer

By 2018, the Twitter user base in Asia-Pacific will be more than double, in comparison to North America’s share, as per the recent estimates by the research firm eMarketer. Also, it has been predicted that the global user base for the service will reach 400 million from the current 227.5 million in 2018.

Its been said that emerging markets such as India and Indonesia will play a major role in this growth. By the end of year 2014, both will surpass the user base of UK with 18.1 million and 15.3 million users, respectively.

Its user base in US is maturing, but it still held the top position in terms of user base. Also, it accounts for nearly three-quarters of Twitter’s total ad revenues in 2013.  As per the study, however, the data still represents just over 20% of all Twitter users worldwide. That market share will drop over the years, leaving room for Twitter to grow its non-US ad revenues by leveraging an expanding user base in emerging markets. 

As per an Economic Times report, analysts, however, consider this dependency on emerging states a weakness, considering the low digital advertising prices there. Also, the figures could see a shift if China lifted the imposed ban on Twitter’s site in its country.

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