Twitter introduces ‘Mute’ to help avoid over-tweets

In a Monday blog post, Twitter Product Manager, Paul Rosania, announced the addition of Mute feature to the user accounts. Since the start of this month, rumors have started circulating around the new addition. Currently, available for few, the team promises to roll it out soon for all.

Muting a user means that neither their tweets & retweets will be visible , nor any sms and push notifications from them. This  feature was already available on Twitter’s Tweetdeck product and the Tweetbot app.

With  over 250 million users worldwide, this feature will come as a blessing for people whose accounts get flooded with ‘over-tweets’, especially during the aftermath of an event attended by someone they follow. The conversations around that particular event and attendees may not hold interest to them at all, and this is where the ‘mute’ feature scores.

The feature will be  available on all platforms viz website as well as iOS/ Android phones via an app. To mute a user, simply  tap ‘more’ and then ‘mute @username’. To mute someone from their profile page, tap the ‘gear’ icon on the page and choose ‘mute @username’. The ‘muted’ user will not know that he has been ‘muted.’ The user has the option to unmute anytime.

“The new feature will give the user even more control over the content that they receive  by letting them remove a user’s content”, said Paul in a statement.

It is an effective way to temporarily block a user vis-a-vis ‘unfollowing’ them. People will still be able to see, “re-tweet,” or comment on Twitter posts of those who have muted them, but all this activity will not be visible to the user who has muted them. Unlike muted users, blocked users can’t follow the user, and they can always make their accounts private to keep others from reading their tweets.

Image Source: Mashable

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