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Survios raised USD 4 million in series A

Los Angeles based virtual reality company has raised USD 4 million in series A round, per TechCrunch’s Colleen Taylor. The investment was led by Shasta ventures, World Innovation Lab’s Gen Isayama, and Felicis Ventures’ Renata Quintini.

Survios aims to utilize the raised funds to prepare for its first product launch next year. Launched in 2013, the startup is a venture of Southern California students James Lliff and Nathan Burba. It is known as a research endeavor, code-named “Project Holodeck,” after the fictional room on Star Trek that could simulate reality.

Earlier, Oculus VR, a maker of virtual reality goggles has been acquired by Facebook for USD 2 billion. Other virtual reality companies have also made recent investments including Virtuix (USD 3M) and Jaunt (USD 6.8 M), this year.

Survios combines Oculus Rift with controllers and sensors that allow people to port their body into virtual worlds. Both companies are supported by USC’s institute for creative technologies. The Survios prototype uses the Oculus Rift’s goggles, but the company says future models will use a different headset.

“Our core focus is going to be how all of these components come together to create a truly immersive user experience that can be applied to a lot of industries and a lot of different categories,” said Lliff.

Survios is making software user interface and games for VR. It has also added positional audio so that one can hear the direction of things coming at you. Now, the company wants to create the best overall system for VR.

“The team is young, hungry and extremely talented, and they have solved some tremendously important challenges that will enable the entire VR industry to evolve,” said Coneybeer, managing director at Shasta Venture.

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