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Samsung unveils wearable health tracking device

No wonder most of the wearable devices available today are focused on fitness. On Wednesday, Samsung has unveiled a wristband, a wearable health tracking device that give health and fitness information, as per a Times of India report. Samsung unveiled the simband, at a time when Competitor Apple Inc. said for developing its own wrist device.

This device can be used to measure blood oxygen levels, heart rate, body temperature, skin response, hydration, motion and other fitness information on regular basis. It includes a shuttle battery equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The device charges when the wearer is inactive.

Also, the device can be fitted with third-party sensors to gather a range of health data about the wearer’s body. Recently, Samsung has launched Gear Glass in september 2014 and Galaxy Gear Smartwatch in August 2013.

Ram Fish, Samsung’s vice president of digital health said that the prototype “smart” band is not intended to be sold as is but serve as a “foundation” for third party developers to build a device that incorporates “optical, acoustic and electronic sensors.”

This device was developed in university of California and Belgium-based IMEC by the researchers. Now. this platform will be handle by Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions (“SAMI”) to store health related data on Galaxy S devices. SAMI aims to gather data from various health and fitness applications, and offer “insights” to consumers, announced in a press event in San Francisco.

Also, Samsung is expected to raise USD 50 million  for early-stage digital health entrepreneurs. Recently, It has invested in an undisclosed early-stage entrepreneur building a noninvasive glucose monitoring solution.

Samsung’s research and development teams are planning to provide detailed informations about new platform, Also, It is exploring “locations” for wearable devices other than the wrist.

Others players in this category include Google, Apple, Fitbit, Nike FuelBand, Jawbone UP, BodyMedia etc. Google has also unveiled its own concept a “smart contact lens” that measures glucose levels.

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