New Tools added to Microsoft Azure for simplifying Cloud Storage

Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch reported that Microsoft has added new features to Azure -it’s cloud computing services. At the Tech Ed user conference in Houston, Microsoft has launched a host of applications and features to help administrators connect to its cloud services.

Most of the services offered by it aims at enhancing  its PaaS and IaaS offerings. Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise division, called these new services and offers as ‘enterprise completers.’

In order to simplify cloud storage, it has introduced  Microsoft Azure Files, wherein the standard Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol can help connect/ share files with multiple virtual machines. Anderson said that it was like a shared drive in Azure that all the virtual machines can take advantage of.

According to a report by Joab Jackson of PCWorld, The washington based MNC has also announced a new  a set of larger and faster virtual machines -Compute Intensive Virtual Machines for Azure – for heavy computational duties. These can speed connectivity through the use of RDMA (Remote direct memory access), extendable across regions.

Another feather in their cap is the new Azure API Management that permits you to share and extend a set of API’s in the cloud.

Sometime in June, it will also preview another service  called Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (currently the Hyper-V Recovery Manager) that will help users recover their virtual machines and services to Azure, in case of an outage at their primary data centre.

The  Microsoft Azure RemoteApp, which permits Windows applications to be accessed by a different non-Microsoft devices, was also previewed.

Also introduced aws ExpressRoute,  a new feature on Azure. It creates a direct and fast connection between Azure and the iexisting infrastructure or in a co-location data center, by working with storage providers such as AT&T, BT, SingTel, Verizon, Zadara, etc.

Helping developers work with non-Microsoft devices, the company will issue a preview of an integration between Visual Studio and Apache Cordova, a platform to build cross-platform applications using HTML and JavaScript.

All image credit: TechCrunch

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