Narendra Modi to unblock 10,000 Twitter handles

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is expected to unblock around 10,000 Twitter accounts which were blocked for making fun of then PM Dr Manmohan Singh. The accounts was blocked by the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) regime along with Singh’s media advisor Pankaj Pachauri.

At present, the PMO twitter handle has been followed by 1.26 million people and it also received 4000 requests to unblock accounts.

According to BJP’s social media team member “Nearly 2,000 followers have already been unblocked. By the end of this week, we would be able to unblock all the blocked followers. This number is expected to be around 8,000-10,000.” (As covered by

Since the time of elections, Narendra Modi has been very active on Twitter and has win over 45 lakh followers. But under Manmohan Singh, the PMO included only heads of various countries consisting 123 people in its account. Modi’s team, is preparing a new list of handle to follow and is currently having second position in popularity on twitter after US president Barack Obama.

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