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Mobile Marketing Landscape 2014

Mobility has been regarded as the leader of disruptive innovations in the year 2014 by different technology and research firms. In a Forrester study on the State of Retailing Online, majority retail business owners agree that mobile must be the number one priority for their digital business in 2014. 

Since mobile is becoming a game changer, not just digital commerce, but digital marketing strategies are evolving around this omnipresent technology. In order to dive deeper into the reality of current state of mobile marketing, email marketing service provider, AWeber, surveyed over 160 businesses globally. There were 4 main trends that were seen in their mobile marketing plans for the current year:

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1. Most businesses are very new to mobile marketing

According to the survey 33% businesses are not using mobile marketing. And out of those who are actually using it, 70% have been doing it for under an year now. Thus indicating how nascent this area is for businesses around the globe and yet at the same time it is catching up as many have already started to adopt it.

2. Most businesses don’t know if mobile marketing benefits their business

A majority of the businesses focus on ROI driven marketing, however when it comes to mobile marketing, 66% businesses don’t know how to measure the ROI being generated from it. However almost 50% are intending to increase their mobile marketing budget this year. This comes as a little surprise since although the companies are not clear about the returns, they are still willing to try new marketing strategies to grow themselves.

3. Biggest Challenges

Time, Money and Know How came out as the biggest challenges when it came to implementing the marketing strategy in question. Again a contradiction was seen here, even though subject matter knowledge and time remain a challenge, 78% businesses do mobile marketing on their own, and 1/3 spend under an hour per week for doing so. These numbers are quite small if one wants to have a marketing practice that actually works.

4. Mobile Website is the most preferred strategy

70% of the businesses say that their website is mobile optimized. This generally means that it has a responsive design to adjust itself to the device it is being viewed upon. While some develop a mobile first website, others want to go stronger with a mobile app. The latter is a relatively risky way to reach mobile users since app discovery and engagement continue to be a challenge, as mentioned by Aweber most users will see the website before finding the app. Hence it’s important to first have a responsive website before releasing an app.

Data and infographic by AWeber

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