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Microsoft may launch a smart watch this summer

On Thursday, Microsoft announced that it is planning to launch a new smartwatch compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. The service will go live approximately this summer. The wearable is packed with sensors including optical components designed by Xbox Kinect team. It will reportedly have heart rate monitoring capabilities and a two-day battery life.

iamWire Take: Sony launched a version of smartwatch around 6 years back at a price of $150. Since then, we have got every major brand here, flooding this space with too many options. With samsung selling 700, 000 smart watches in 1Q14, the market is growing at a fast pace and to a much fiercer competition ahead.

The other players included in this category are: Apple, Google, Samsung, Pebble and Sony. Apple is planning to sync its iWatch with an upcoming iPhone and a fitness based app called Health Book. Samsung has already launched some wearable smart watches and currently working on standalone watch phone.

Google’s smartwatch will come from LG and Motorola, G Watch and Moto 360, respectively. Acer has also announced about its upcoming smartband. (As reported by Tech FirstPost)

According to Razer’s Nabu fitness tracker, “Microsoft is planning to create a wearable that would address one of the biggest criticisms we’ve heard about smart watches so far. Most smart watches don’t really offer much functionality that your phone doesn’t already offer-making a $200-$300 product a hard sell for most consumers.” (As covered by Business Insider)

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