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IIG adds Frrole to its portfolio

Bangalore based big data startup has raised an undisclosed sum in a funding round led by India Internet Group (IIG) and a few existing angel investors. Last month, the team has also raised USD 245k via a crowdfunding platform, LetsVenture.

Angel investors who participated in the round include Sharad Sharma (former head of Yahoo! R&D in India), Rajan Anandan (Google India MD), Manav Garg (founder of Eka Software), Sunil Kalra, Atul Singh and Bhupen Shah.

Frrole is known for its specialization in analysing Twitter data. Its inhouse data capabilities analyze Twitter data city by city by filtering out the noise and aggregating out the most useful and popular tweets.

In recent elections, the company has helped many political parties and television channels to gain insights on what’s happening on Twitter. The startup analyses over 10 million tweets daily and currently sifts through half a billion Twitter posts every month to extract insights about users for its customers.

“Amarpreet and his co-founders are an excellent team, and are extremely well placed to help customers across various sectors really develop contextual, real-time understanding of their users on social media and other platforms,” said Anirudh Suri, Managing Director, IIG Advisors.

Some other companies in IIG portfolio include saavn, inVenture, ekSMS, snapLion, 24×7 Techies, The Wild East Group, abreakplease, findable and tokitaki.

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