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Google makes Glass available for all


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According to Greg Kumparak of TechCrunch, now anyone can buy Google Glass. Priced at USD 1500, it has been made available to all with a disclaimer – till stocks last. About 5 days back,  Google had announced that it will increase the availability of this novel product.

Earlier in April,  Google had opened the sale of the wearable computer, only for one day. However, Google still refers to this as a part of the “Explorer Program”, sparking rumours about  the continuity of the Glass. Google didn’t specify how many pairs of the glasses were actually sold during the one-day event.

IFS Technology released a Teardown Analysis report today, that broke down the manufacturing cost of the device to  USD 152.47 for each pair. It is currently selling at ten times the actual cost of its manufacturing. However, it is believed that the groundbreaking technology used to create this device, is far more worth than that.

In the long run, if the company wants to retail through giants like Amazon and BestBuy, it will have to bring down its costs. It is imperative that Google also educates the user, as a report suggests that almost 70 percent of the Americans will refrain from wearing the Glass publicly due to privacy issues.

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