Gmail app updates to ver 4.8, crosses 1B downloads

Jon Fingas of Engadget reported that Google has added a slew of new features for the Gmail users of Android phones in its upgraded version 4.8.

The most prominent new feature in this version is that now users can directly save their documents on the Google drive, without having to store a local copy on the phone/ tablet.

This could save loads of space on phones and tablets and at the same time, since these documents are stored in the cloud, one can access them from any gadget which supports Gmail.

A post on Google+ also introduced the new pull-to-refresh animation that features Google’s red-yellow-blue-green colors; an explanation on why a message ends up in the users spam folder and faster access to the side navigation menu.

Gmail will also display warnings properly – for example, if a filter you’ve created stopped a message from being sent to spam when it otherwise would be, that information will show up in a yellow box at the top of the message. It also mentions the change in the RTL menu for  languages like Arabic, Persian etc, which  are read from left-to-right.

An article by Kellex on DroidLife shows us that the  profile images are now next to individual Gmail accounts with a check mark that shows which account the user is currently using (in case of multiple accounts). The Settings and “Send Feedback” options have been pushed down into the hamburger menu.


Another new feather in their cap  are the fun messages for Gmail users. On having a clean inbox, it leaves the message  – “You are all done!Please enjoy your day.” Followed by  – “Hooray! No spam here” for an empty spam folder.

Source – DroidLife

Another of the biggest changes appeared to be the Gmail app showing the rest of truncated messages. Earlier, a long message was automatically truncated, and could not be viewed with the entire text. Now, users can choose to see the whole thing.

The new features are expected to be rolled out in the next couple of days and the new version of the app can be downloaded from Google Play.

Google has also recently announced the installation of more than 1 billion Gmail apps. This makes Gmail the first standalone smartphone app to pass one billion installations on Android devices.

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