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Flippy is down: After Myntra, Flipkart is now teasing consumers

Now that Flipkart has finally acquired Myntra, it still hasn’t stopped making news. After announcing the return of Motorola’s Moto E budget smartphone, it got the attention of the consumers who were awaiting for this Flipkart exclusive. But even an hour after its scheduled launch, the customers are unable to buy the phone or anything else on the website.

Disheartened customers expressed their disappointment on the site’s Facebook page, where Flipkart is tried to console them by saying the servers will soon be up.
When we tried to place an order, we went through a similar experience as others. Even though we were able to add the phone to the cart, the cart later showed to be empty, even after repeating the process.
Further, after a short while, Flipkart displayed a static banner (shown below) indicating that the crash was due to the heavy traffic it was getting from people coming for the re-launched phone. Although briefly, this prevented the customers from buying any product from the site at all.
After growing in size by acquiring its rival yesterday, can Flipkart afford stints like these? Providing seamless consumer experience in eCommerce is imperative. Even though the site is up now, a small hiccup can ruin the loyalty it has built
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    It is the time flipkart worry of Technical Debt, people outside can help rather than complete inside team.. be open to learn and use expertise outside also.

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