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Flipkart buys Myntra: What about the consumers?

Flipkart’s acquisition of Myntra, without any doubts, was among the most talked deals of this year. According to most of the industry veterans, the move aims at scaling their volumes up and strengthen their position as eCommerce leaders.

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But what about the ultimate consumer? Are they happy with this deal too? What are their expectations? We tried to give a thought on this and came across following view points of the consumers:

1) Some are unhappy

The consumers seem to be getting afraid of Flipkart getting a monopoly on the market. Also, their preferences clearly stated that Myntra will be the choice to buy fashion products, and Flipkart, for others.

 2) Some are pleased

We found some positive perspectives too with people marking the deal as ‘Smart move’ and a way ahead to fight back with foreign competitors such as Walmart and Amazon. Also, they expect services of both the companies to get better, with best products to be offered.

Source: Economic Times

3) Future expectations from overall ‘eCommerce industry’

People are also commenting on expected mergers and acquisitions and how the entire eCommerce ecosystem in India is growing.

Source: Economic Times

Well, amidst all this good and bad, we also found some consumers trying to push a political angle to the deal. Some believe that the founders were waiting for Modi government to be in power. Like in all other fields, can we expect for eCommerce companies too that “Achhe din aane wale hain?” 

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