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Facebook introduces optional way to share and discover music

In a blogpost by Aryeh Selekman, Product Manager, Facebook, a new feature was announced – a service that can identify a particular song or television show that is being played in the background.

The feature will be available on the App Store app on iPhone and the Google Play app on Android, in the US, in the coming weeks.

In 2013 alone,more than 5 billion users shared their status updates. Facebook users will easily be able to share the current music that they are listening to and the movies that they are watching, on their timelines. The feature is always set ‘off’ by default.

While updating their status, if they opt to turn the feature on –  they will have the option to use their phones microphone  – to identify the movie, music or tv show that is currently playing in the background. And this can be done without typing, while no sound is stored in their phones. It also provides a 30-second preview of it, which is available to the user’s friends.

Users have the option of choosing who can see this particular update. It can be turned off anytime by clicking the audio icon in the top right of the screen. If the feature is left on, the audio icon moves and attempts to detect a match when you’re writing a status update.

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