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Facebook adds ‘Ask’ button

Facebook has recently rolled out a new feature for all users – the ‘ask’ button. Users can now ‘ask’ their friends about the information like job, address, relationship status etc., which might be left blank by them, un/knowingly.

While sneaking into the friends profiles’, the users will see an option of ‘ask’ against every column which has no or limited information. However, one can only see the blocks which user has marked ‘public’ and are not locked. Also, including a note regarding the reason for asking such information has been made compulsory.

Once the request is sent, the other person will be prompted to add/share the requested information, as other notifications. At the same time, he/she will have the choice to mark the information to be shared public or private to specific person/group.

As revealed by various reports, the company was testing this feature from quite sometime, and has now rolled it out for all users.

To some, it can be a bit irritating, as it now allows people (so what.. if they are friends) to freely ask them about their relationship status. It might be possible that Facebook can promote the platform as a ‘dating site’ in future.

But, at the same time, it can also increase engagement between old friends, create job opportunities, etc.  Also, since sharing the requested information depends upon user decision, the chances of privacy breach are minimal.  

Also, if we consider a Tweet by Jesse Redniss, Chief Strategy Officer at social media experience platform, Mass Relevance, it might be a road map to Facebook’s another acquisition, Tinder. 

Tinder is a mobile app providing location-based service dedicated to social discovery, in order to facilitate telecommunication between mutually interested users.

No matter, what were the intentions behind this launch, Facebook is currently facing criticisms for it all over the world. Here are few other tweets:

In an another announcement, Facebook also revealed its plans to launch its own video-chat app, Slingshot. The move was taken after its failed attempt to acquire Snapchat, even after a luring USD 3 billion offer. The app will allow users to send short video messages using a touch screen and is expected to get launched this month.

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