Apple planning to launch smart home device controller

Apple is planning to launch a new platform for using its iOS devices as smart home controller, per TechCrunch‘s Darrell Etherington. As said, it would be an inbuilt platform, with centralized control and will not be dependent on multiple third party apps.

The company will showcase the platform in the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco to be held next month. The news first appeared on Financial Times.

The iOS devices will include iPhone, iPad along with Apple’s TV, which will allow user to perform actions such as controlling lights, manage security systems in the absence, and more.

Recently, Google has also made its claims to enter into smart home tech. The company is also planning to serve ads on refrigerators, car dashboards and thermostats and maybe even glasses and watches. Google acquired smoke alarm and thermostat maker, Nest for USD 3.2 billion this year and is now on the move to acquire WiFi camera maker Dropcam.

The market for smart home devices is still in nascent stages. Entry of players like Apple and Google is assumed to enhance people attraction towards this space. However, at the smae time , this would increase competition for players such as SmartThings, which offer similar services.

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