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Apple introduces Split screen on the iPad in iOS8

According to a blog post by Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, Apple is looking forward to introduce a split-screen feature in the iPad in its new iOS8. The new multi-tasking feature and the operating system will be launched next month at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

It is said that this new feature shall closely resemble similar features available on the Samsung Tabs and MS Surface.  Microsoft has even taken advantage of the lack of this feature in the iPad in one of its adverts.

This additional feature is expected to work in the landscape mode on the 9.7 inch display model of the iPad, leaving it uncertain whether it will be available in the mini iPad series.The new feature allows the user to work on two apps at the same time and images and data can be dragged from one app to the other. Currently, the user can swap between two apps, but not operate them simultaneously.

Last month, the Cupertino-based tech company released its latest quarterly earnings with a huge drop in its sales of the iPad. Tim Cook, Chief Executive at Apple,optimistically maintained that they had a lot of potential in the enterprise and education markets. He also said that with this new feature, they anticipate the sales of iPads to surpass that of their PC’s in the long run.

It is believed that Apple is working towards enabling their apps to interact with each other. This could lead to Apps that are designed in a way that they could share content.

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