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IBM launches pre-configured mobile apps

In a report by Mallikarjuna Swamy BG of The Times of India, IBM has launched a set of readymade apps called Ready Apps – that can help firms build mobile apps within hours. These pre-configured apps will save about 60% time and resources of the users and are available for the banking, healthcare, travel, retail, insurance and government organisations. They are ideally suited for startups or organisations that have limited resources to build mobile apps.

IBM has also opened  18 new studios called MobileFirst, to assist businesses  in their mobile initiatives. The apps can be customised by modifying their look and feel and adding new features.

According to Marie Wieck, General Manager, IBM MobileFirst, they will provide clients direct access to localised  mobile experts including designers, developers , architects and consultants to help them to conceive, design, build and deploy the new  apps.

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Users can now build their own apps

In a report by The Deccan ChronicletxtWeb – a text based application  from Intuit Inc. – has launched a platform to ‘build your own’ app. It enables students and professionals from a non-coding platform to develop apps on their own. It works across all messaging platforms like SMS, FB Messenger, WhatsApp and GoogleTalk.

This simple platform will encourage and increase the existing pool of app developers. Anyone with an idea can login to txtWeb and create an app with simple instructions, which can then be shared and used by millions of phone users across India. The would-be developers that attempt creating an app by June 15th 2014, will be specially recognised by txtWeb as ‘ certified developers.’

Aminish Sharma, Head of Technology, txtWeb said that the intention of this platform is to enthuse people from different backgrounds, to creating some innovative and wonderful apps that can benefit a lot of people.


Meritnation launches new ‘IIT- JEEnius’ mobile app”

Indian online Education company in the K12 space – Meritnation, introduces a new mobile app  – IIT JEEnius, to reduce the burden of students preparing for the advanced level of IIT JEE. The free app assists the students to revise formulae and equations on their mobile phones.

During the last days just before the exams, the users can revise their syllabi in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. They do not have to ruffle the pages of their books and can simply log on to the app and refer to their notes, on the go.

According to Mohan Prasad, IIT JEE Expert, Meritnation, the app has been received well by the students as it has been launched at the right time – just before the exams. It has already received 2000 installs within ten days of its launch. It is not only time-saving, but also handy and convenient. And, it also works well on tablets and ipads.

 The IIT-JEEnius application is available on both  the Google Play Store and on the App Store(iTunes).


Times of India upgrades to android and iOS apps

The Times of India has released its upgraded app ver. 3 for Android and iPhones, with a sleeker design and enhanced user experience.The app is also improvised with a faster response, new line of push notifications, complete coverage of the elections and better handling of memory and space of the app.

iOS ( ver 6 and above) users can expect a completely new user-friendly experience with day/night themes, adjustable font size and zoom in for photos. The Android version (2.3) has a contemporary card layout, expandable widget with section and rate options, additional color themes and seamless switch between portrait and landscape modes.

Puneet Gupt,  Business Head, Times of India – Digital,  stated that this version is their best so far and is intended to give the user a pleasant and enriching experience to ensure that they stay up-to-date on the latest news.

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